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Getting ready for the weekend: charging station; NOOK HD+, check; Samsung NOOK, check; ASUS tablet, check; smart phone, check.  

Oooooo getting ready for NaNoWriMo! I am a seat of the pants writer so, in this case, I'm okay. Have a list of ideas and need to select just ONE! Whew.

Listening to Cold/Flu webinar again. Great timing for this webinar as ye olde change of seasons sniffles/scratchy throat have appeared, grrr. This weekend will have a number of people involved so it is good to be prepared. 

Simon is taking some time out of his cat cave to snooze on a chair. He has tried to convince us to let him out of any door )) Silly cat. Luckily he gives up easily and heads back to the food station for another munch.

Happy just about November!
The back fence was repaired yesterday and now Tina the turkey is on the fence preening. Simon is on the back of the couch snoozing. Merlin is on her perch by the back window watching the squirrels. Crows and jays are in the back yard 'discussing' peanuts. Wow, everything is almost back to normal. What a roller coaster this month of October has been.

The Giants won the World Series!!!! Herbal care for colds and flu was fabulous.  We see Lewis Black tonight. Whoot! Ending the month on a 'who knows what?' lol

Simon is still with us. He appears to be better. We have a sacred corner in our home with nice potted plants and candles and such; this is where he has been sleeping. Once he found he could totter around he found this area and it is now his. Merlin, astoundingly, knows this is Simon's special place and hangs out on the 'porch' for kitty chats. Speaking with the holistic vets and other healers we believe he ate a poisoned rodent or bird. With the innate feline knowledge we humans know zippo about he has been healing himself. However, at 20 plus years it could still be his time to cross over at any moment.  This entire experience has brought a different energy to our lives. A positive energy. Seriously, the Lord does work in mysterious ways and when He allows glimpses to appear before our material eyes those glimpses are truly awesome.
Merlin is being very clingy today. She didn't get up till I did this morning which is unusual. She is also on my lap while I'm on the computer. She hasn't been an at desk lap cat for months. Could be because it is the first real day of rain or she senses something else. At any rate she is a little purring comfort, I really need to design an awning for this back window so I can keep the windows open during rain. Proooojeeeect!
Fire Cider season is here! So glad I have 3 bottles of it ready. The up and down of Simon's health and the up and down of the seasonal weather change has really done a damn-damn on my system. So Mama Kanta's Fire Cider is about to be consumed and another batch started. Yippee! I'm sure my acupuncturist will say there is too much heat in the cider for my constitution, however, there is enough ginger juice that even the late, great Miriam Lee would be okay with the cider. )))

Simon. What can I say? He has moved from R's bathroom to camping out behind some houseplants, coming out for water and, sometimes, a little food. I've placed house training pads all around him as he had an accident that necessitated washing a section of carpet. He can purr strongly again. His eyes are a little more clear and he totters well. The huge swelling has gone down. At this point I have no clue about him. Was he hit by a car? Did he pass a stone of some sort? Did he decide that he could …
Praise be! After four days of fasting, drinking only water and only sleeping and peeing Simon is moving around! Not far mind you. He walked to the kitchen and sat next to the food spot. Call me surprised. He slurped up some tuna juice, let Merlin cover him with kitty kisses, let me clean his eyes, growled once, realized I was not going to let him outside and went back to bed, purring.

Time flies. My beloved cat, Simon, is not doing well. I think he is just looking for a nice comfy place for his final rest. At 20 something he deserves a comfy spot. We are staying within his comfort zone distance in case he needs anything otherwise he is purring his path to the sweet Lord on his feline terms.
Ah, decided to try October unprocessed this year. Not only looks healthy it looks like a GREAT reason to clean out the pantry. Excuse me while I find a large trash bag ))

Holy Cow! 3 LARGE bags of trash later and my pantry is amazingly clean and organized. Lots of jars of bulk, er, stuff emptied and washed. All my herbal vinegars are now easy to reach for use. Hah! Tomorrow the herb room.

...and then I typed...

The first day of Autumn was magical. Sun would break through the rain clouds and puddles would shine. Wind would sing through the trees and cough out a dead branch or two. I decided to try out blogging. Nothing philosophical. Nature, food, cats, etc. No deadline for writing. No comments.