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Last day of the first month of the new calendar year, wow, already! I'm at the tail end of the two week crud that likes to scare one into thinking they have either some new flu or pneumonia. Many thanks to my DC and my Acupuncture people for giving me back my lungs. Thanks too, to the MD who gave me an over-the-counter expectorant that worked better than the herbal one. Go figure LOL

Simon is still with us!! I guess he decided that being inside and warm, eating real food and having company was okay. We just take each day as it dawns.

Wildlife is filling the back yard, yippee. Having a garden consult this week so we can learn how to work with the huge evergreens and still manage to grow food.

Ordered a Coolaroo sun shade and am curious how it will work out for the blinding afternoon sun problem.

Curiously energized after seeing my first Bald Eagle of the year a few days ago.

cheers )