Fire Cider season is here! So glad I have 3 bottles of it ready. The up and down of Simon's health and the up and down of the seasonal weather change has really done a damn-damn on my system. So Mama Kanta's Fire Cider is about to be consumed and another batch started. Yippee! I'm sure my acupuncturist will say there is too much heat in the cider for my constitution, however, there is enough ginger juice that even the late, great Miriam Lee would be okay with the cider. )))

Simon. What can I say? He has moved from R's bathroom to camping out behind some houseplants, coming out for water and, sometimes, a little food. I've placed house training pads all around him as he had an accident that necessitated washing a section of carpet. He can purr strongly again. His eyes are a little more clear and he totters well. The huge swelling has gone down. At this point I have no clue about him. Was he hit by a car? Did he pass a stone of some sort? Did he decide that he could give up one more of his lives? I'm just not sure.


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