Simon is still with us. He appears to be better. We have a sacred corner in our home with nice potted plants and candles and such; this is where he has been sleeping. Once he found he could totter around he found this area and it is now his. Merlin, astoundingly, knows this is Simon's special place and hangs out on the 'porch' for kitty chats. Speaking with the holistic vets and other healers we believe he ate a poisoned rodent or bird. With the innate feline knowledge we humans know zippo about he has been healing himself. However, at 20 plus years it could still be his time to cross over at any moment.  This entire experience has brought a different energy to our lives. A positive energy. Seriously, the Lord does work in mysterious ways and when He allows glimpses to appear before our material eyes those glimpses are truly awesome.


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