Catching up

Hah! Nearly the end of March 2017. It's been over two years since I've looked at this blog. Sheesh, a lot has changed. I'll be trying to figure out how to really used this thing for my own use and maybe others. We will see.

We've moved out of the city up the river to a quiet hamlet. A nice place with lots of trees and plants. It is a joy to figure out what we have spring wise as we moved in late summer. I know we have lots of lillies lol. The main reason I've re-started the blog is to find out what's in the garden, log the plants and then find out what to do with them.

Looks like we have a Goat Willow (Salix caprea) at the road end of Hummingbird Island. The other end is home to a Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) and it's pretty huge. In between are Rhodies, Clematis and something else. Under the willow tree are Lemon Balm and that orange flowering thing (get name) that is great for hummingbirds. 

Some of the plants I purchased from Heiko survived the snow, Yippee! My little Meyer Lemon survived the winter in a green house. Some herbs survived and maybe one or two of the pelargoniums. It will take a few sniffs to find out which survived. 

I purchased an Alembic to experiment with hydrosols. We have enough Melissa officinalis already to make, hopefully, a pint of hydrosol. I just need to clean and prep the alembic first.

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